In the Video Production: On-Location class, you will learn the basic principles of motion picture photography and how to use professional HD- DSLR Video Cameras to capture dynamic video content in a variety of scenarios.  You’ll learn how to use cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, and microphones and how to use these technologies to achieve effective cinematic effects in a variety of ‘on-location’ applications.


ideo Production encompasses a number of disciplines and technologies involved in the capture of raw audio and video for use in video products.  It is the execution of the pre-production plan and includes the use of cameras, lighting equipment, camera support equipment, grip equipment, production design tools, audio recording equipment and a variety of creative personnel and disciplines to capture the best sound and image in a variety of settings and for a number of purposes.

Video Production is taught in 3 Stages throughout the Video Production Program (On-Location, Studio and Workshop).  In the On-Location class, you will learn basic camera, lighting and production techniques to capture professional video footage using a minimum number of resources out in the field.  You will learn the language of the camera and how to use DSLR technology to capture the most effective images for your video projects.  You’ll learn how to manipulate color, composition, camera movement, shot size/type/angle, how to capture effective documentary footage and narrative coverage, and how to capture professional audio in the field.

Camera Equipment/Software Taught: • DSLR Cameras • Zoom, Prime & Specialty Lenses • Camera Microphones • Tripods • Dollies • Lighting Instruments • Reflectors • Adobe Premiere Pro

Products Created: • Documentary Video • Day-In-The-Life Video • Commercial Video • Music Video • Several Camera Exercises

Jobs in Production: • Director of Photography • Cinematographer • Camera Operator • Camera Assistant • Gaffer • Director • Documentarian • Videographer • Digital Imaging Technician • Independent Video Professional