"In the United States, over 182 Million Internet users watch online video each day."

The goal of the Video Production Associate Degree Program is to teach students interested in a variety of Video Production careers ALL aspects of the production process – from concept creation through image capture, editing and distribution.  Students will learn a little bit of everything so that they can become autonomous Independent Video Professionals or enter into more directed pursuit of specific careers within Video Production (like Editing, Motion Graphics or Audio Production).

Because the majority of employment in Video Production is currently in short-form video production for the Internet, the goal of NTC’s Video Production Program is to prepare students to work in SHORT form multimedia rather than focusing on higher budget, long-form projects associated with Studio Production.  The Video Production Program prepares students for careers in an emerging local video industry by teaching professional video-making techniques and providing hands-on opportunities for students to produce professional, short-form projects that can be used in portfolios or video reels.

“Video is the fastest growing form of online marketing.”

- eMarketer


With the rapid expansion of the Internet and streaming video technologies, there has never been a greater demand for professional video content on the web.  There is a growing need for motivated and creative video professionals to develop and produce engaging and dynamic multimedia content for businesses, corporations, individuals, schools, non-profits, faith-based organizations, events and video festivals.  And because professional video equipment has never been more available or affordable, it is easier than ever to access the materials you need to create high quality videos for the Internet no matter where you live.


The Ideal Candidate for the Video Production Program is someone who is self-directed, disciplined and highly self-motivated.  Someone who is creative and driven to produce.  Someone who is passionate about film and video in all of its many forms.  Someone who has a good understanding of computer technologies and is capable of working online, independently and in groups.