In Motion Graphics & Visual Effects you will learn how to design and animate text, graphics, fx elements and video objects for the professional completion of video projects.  You will learn techniques for communicating through moving graphics, text and design elements and how to create support graphics and title for video projects.  You'll also learn how to apply effects for compositing, color grading, color correction and image manipulation.

Motion Graphics & Visual Effects is a rapidly expanding area of video post-production and involves the creation of animated graphic elements and video effects to enhance completed video edits or to stand alone as self-contained graphic communications.   Motion Graphics projects include 2D animation of text and graphic elements in the creation of explainer videos, kinetic typography, title sequences, graphic animations, promotional/branding content, and animated logos.  Visual Effects encompasses many different techniques including: compositing, color correcting, color grading, masking, rotoscoping, motion tracking, property animation and the application of video effects to stylize video images.

In the Motion Graphics & Visual Effects class, you will learn how to use powerful post-production software Adobe After Effects to create a diverse body of 2D graphic animations and examples of visual fx work.  You’ll have the opportunity to practice your skills on a variety of project types and create your own original animations for inclusion in your portfolio.

Motion Graphics Software Taught: • Adobe After Effects • Adobe Audition • Adobe Speedgrade • DaVinci Resolve

Products Created: • Animated Logo • Graphic Animation • Kinetic Type Animation • Composited Video • Title Sequence

Jobs in Motion Graphics/VFX: • Motion Graphic Designer • VFX Artist • Compositor • Video Editor • Assistant Editor • Post-Production Supervisor • Independent Video Professional