In the Video Editing Class, you will learn the principles of non-linear editing and how to use professional non-linear editing software to cut, build, arrange, sequence and effect your raw video footage to create efficient and professional looking video products.

Video Editing is the primary component of post-production on a video project.  It involves media management, organization of digital files and projects, compression of video footage, use of Non-Linear Editing Software to assemble, cut and refine raw video footage.  It includes selection based on content, story, performance, effectiveness of shots, creation of montages, editing of audio elements and exporting of high-quality video files.

In the Video Editing Course, you will be introduced to some basic editing concepts and techniques for taking raw video files and turning them into completed video products.  You will learn how to use NLE Software to import video footage, compress video footage, assemble footage into sequences, refine your edits for time/pace, manipulate sound, add titles and effects to projects and export your video to a variety of formats.

Video Editing Software Taught: • Adobe Premiere Pro • Adobe Audition • Adobe Encore

Products Created: • Montage Edit • Titles & Effects • Dialogue Scene • Assembly Cut • Fine Cut • DVD Project • Hi-Res Streaming Video File

Jobs in Video Editing: • Video Editor • Assistant Editor • Motion Graphic Designer • Post-Production Supervisor • Media Manager • Video Archivist • Independent Video Professional