In the Audio for Video & Animation Course you will learn how to use professional microphones, digital recording devices and post-production audio software to create rich and professional sound environments for your video projects.  You will learn how to identify and develop rich sound designs and how to manipulate and layer sound fx, music, voice over, foley, production sound and other live-recorded audio tracks to create complex audio components for your videos.

Audio refers to all sound components of a video project and includes the planning, production, synching, editing and mixing of auditory elements for video and animation projects.  Sound is one of the most overlooked aspects of professional video content creation, yet it has a powerful impact on the quality and effectiveness of a video product.  It is often the aspect of a video that distinguishes amateur video from professional video.  Audio is an essential aspect of communication in video and can be used to enhance story, convey ideas and elicit emotions.

In the Audio for Video & Animation class, you will learn techniques to maximize the use of sound in your video projects.  You’ll learn how to use a variety of professional microphones, field recorders and audio production tools to effectively record sound in a number of production scenarios.  You’ll also learn how to use audio post-production software to sync and edit sounds to video, add SFX, foley sounds, and ADR recordings to audio and video projects, add audio effects to recordings, mix sounds, manipulate sound recordings and export high-fidelity audio documents for use in video projects

Audio Equipment/Software Taught: Shotgun Microphones • Boom Equipment • Lavalier Microphones • Zoom Field Recorders • Tascam Field Recorders • Camera Microphones • Studio Condenser Microphones • Studio Mixers/Recording Booth • Adobe Audition

Upon completion of the Audio for Video & Animation class you will have recorded a number of audio documents in a variety of locations, captured an audio interview, edited an audio story, synced sound to video, utilized sfx and background sounds, created a radio advertisement, recorded foley sounds and ADR, edited sound for an animated video and mixed audio elements.

Products Created: • Field Recordings • Documentary Interview • Audio Story • Radio Advertisement • Audio for Animation • Professional Audio Mix

Jobs in Audio: • Sound Designer • Boom Operator • Production Sound Mixer • Sound Engineer • Recording Engineer • Sound Editor • Music Editor • Sound Assistant • Independent Video Professional