In the Advanced Editing Techniques course, you will build upon the skills you developed in the Video Editing course to assemble and cut down more complex video projects.  You will learn how to use more advanced post-production tools and techniques to create unique and engaging video products in a variety of specific editing scenarios.  You will expand upon previously developed video editing techniques to build a diverse editing toolkit and delve into the world of visual effects and image manipulation.

Advanced Editing covers more complex and unusual technical, stylistic and storytelling techniques used in the completion of video projects.  Advanced Editing requires an understanding of how to use NLE Software to edit video projects and a base knowledge of the editing techniques used to tell stories.

In the Advanced Editing Course, you will learn how to maximize the post-production of your video projects through advanced editing techniques such as: manipulating time and pace, conceptually re-editing footage, creating trailers and music videos, utilizing video effects and compositing, animating video and still footage, adding complex and animated titles to video projects, cutting to music and otherwise stylistically cutting video footage.

Video Editing Software Taught: • Adobe Premiere Pro • Adobe Audition • Adobe Speedgrade • Adobe After Effects • Adobe Encore

Products Created: • Music Video • 30 Second Commercial • Video Trailer • Animated Documentary B-Roll • Action Scene • Color Timed Footage

Jobs in Video Editing: •  Video Editor • Assistant Editor • Motion Graphic Designer • Post-Production Supervisor • Media Manager • Video Archivist • Colorist • Independent Video Professional